2018 Mexican general election

Mexican popular election process in 2018 for president, senators and deputies.

General elections were held in Mexico on 1 July 2018.[1] Voters elected a new president to serve a term of five years and ten months.[2]

Results of the election:
  Ricardo Anaya (12,610,120)

It also elected 128 members of the Senate for a period of six years and 500 members of the Chamber of Deputies for a period of three years.

It was one of the largest election days in Mexican history, with most of the nation's states holding state and local elections on the same day, including nine governorships. It has been the most violent campaign Mexico has experienced in recent history, with 130 political figures killed since September 2017.

During the election cycle, Andrés Manuel López Obrador was the leading candidate and would eventually win in a landslide victory.[3][4]

Currently, the results are: López Obrador, 53%; Anaya, 23%; Meade, 16%; and Rodríguez Calderón, 5%. This is the first time since the (controversial) 1988 election that a presidential candidate has been elected with an absolute majority (50%+1) of the votes cast.[5]




Candidate Party Alliance Votes %
Andrés Manuel López Obrador National Regeneration Movement Juntos Haremos Historia 30,113,483 53.19
Ricardo Anaya National Action Party Por México al Frente 12,610,120 22.28
José Antonio Meade Institutional Revolutionary Party Todos por México 9,289,853 16.41
Jaime Rodríguez Calderón Independent None 2,961,732 5.23
Margarita Zavala[c] Independent None 32,743 0.06
Write-in votes 31,982 0.06
Invalid/blank votes 1,571,114 2.78
Total 56,611,027 100
Registered voters/turnout 89,994,039 63.43
Source: INE
Popular Vote
López Obrador
Rodríguez Calderón


  1. Name is bold because he won the election
  2. Name is in italics because she dropped out from the election, but her name was still on the ballot
  3. Dropped out of the race, but votes towards her were counted


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