2020 Moldovan presidential election

Moldovan election

The 2020 Moldovan presidential election took place on Sunday, 1 November 2020.[1] It was the 4th presidential election since the nation's declaration of independence. Voters elected former Prime Minister Maia Sandu as the new president in the second-round of the election on 15 November.

2020 Moldovan presidential election

← 2016 1 November 2020 (first round)
15 November 2020 (second round)
2024 →
Candidate Maia Sandu Igor Dodon
Party PAS Independent
Alliance None PSRM
Popular vote 943,006 690,615
Percentage 57.72% 42.28%

Results of the second round by territorial electoral commissions.

President before election

Igor Dodon

Elected President

Maia Sandu