India fungus epidemic

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The Fungus epidemic in India spread out in the central region of India. More than 200 people have fallen ill due to mucormycosis disease. Due to the increase in cases of the second wave of COVID-19, some regions had more diseases. The WHO has warned that the fungal disease is spreading elsewhere, in the third wave of COVID-19 in India.[1]

India fungus epidemic
The cases of fungus in the World
DiseaseFungal & mucormycosis
Virus strainMucoraceae
LocationSouthern Asia
First outbreakNew Delhi, India
Index caseDelhi
Arrival dateMay 9, 2021
(3 years, 1 week and 5 days)
Confirmed cases40,845
Active cases31,000

Fungal disease or Mucormycosis has spread in several regions and provinces of India in: New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashta, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.[2]

Causes change

It is a type of Mucormycosis Fungus with zygomycosis that causes loss of vision and entering the human brain, redness and inflammation of other parts of the body, nasal allergies, bleeding and vomiting, occasional cough with blood in the saliva and shortness of breath.[3]

Variants change

Fungus is a type of fungal disease that attacks the internal organs of a person. It often affects diabetics, weak immunity, high blood, sinuses. The fungus also attacks those who have recovered from COVID-19 or COVID-19 patients. Fungal is acquired in unhygienic environments.[4]

These are the three variants:

  • White fungus
  • Black fungus
  • Yellow fungus

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