20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

American home video distributor

20th Century Studios Home Entertainment was established in 1976 as Magnetic Video Corporation. It was also known as 20th Century Fox Video, CBS/Fox Video and FoxVideo, Inc.. The company is best known for distributing the two highest-grossing movies of all time, Titanic and Avatar. CBS/Fox became Fox Video in 1991. It still used the CBS/Fox name until 1998. It was renamed as 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in 1995. It also used the Fox Video name until 1999.

Before 1982: Magnetic Video CorporationEdit

Magnetic Video Corporation was an American home video/audio duplication service established in 1968 by Andre Blay and based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, was the first company to release theatrical motion pictures to home video for consumers in 1976. In 1979, Fox purchased Magnetic Video from Blay, reincorporating it as "20th Century Fox Video" in 1982. It is currently known as "20th Century Fox Home Entertainment".