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Events change

  • Octavian defeats Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII of Egypt at the Battle of Actium (2 September 31 BC). On August 30 BC Octavian captures Alexandria. Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra suicide (kill themselves). Romans kill Cleopatra's son and co-ruler (this means they ruled the country together) Ptolemy XV Caesarion. Egypt becomes part of the Roman Republic and Octavian becomes the ruler of Rome and all Romans. Rome will soon become an Empire not a Republic.
  • Herod the Great builds Masada (37–31 BC) as a place to escape to if Jewish people attack him.

Significant people change

  • Mark Antony, Roman politician and general (83–30 BC).
  • Pharaoh (Egyptian Queen) Cleopatra VII of Egypt (lived 70/69 – 30 BC, ruled 51–30 BC).
  • Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (Octavian) Roman politician and general (62 BC – 14).
  • Pharaoh Ptolemy XV Caesarion (lived 47–30 BC, ruled 44–30 BC).