38th G8 summit

meeting of the members of the G-8

The 38th G8 summit was held at Camp David, Maryland in the United States on May 18-19, 2012.[1] The summit venue was moved from Chicago to rural Maryland in March 2012.[2]

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The Camp David summit of the Group of Eight (G8) was the 38th meeting in a series which began in 1976.[3]

Previous G8 summits have been hosted by the United States at San Juan, Puerto Rico (1976); Williamsburg, Virginia (1983); Houston, Texas, Denver, Colorado (1997) and Sea Island, Georgia.[4]

The G8 and the summit are part of a consultation process. The G8 is not an international organization.[5] It is an informal group.[6]



The participants were the "core members" of the group:[7]

Core G8 members
Host nation and leader are indicated in bold text.
Member Represented by Title
  Canada Stephen Harper[8] Prime Minister
  France François Hollande[9] President
  Germany Angela Merkel[9] Chancellor
  Italy Mario Monti[10] Prime Minister
  Japan Yoshihiko Noda[11] Prime Minister
  Russia Dmitry Medvedev[12] Prime Minister
  United Kingdom David Cameron[13] Prime Minister
  United States Barack Obama[8] President
  European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso[9] President
European Council Herman Van Rompuy[9] President

Invited leaders

Food security was the focus of a working lunch with African leaders who were invited.

A number of national leaders are traditionally invited to attend the summit. They are asked to participate in some, but not all, G8 summit activities. The leaders of four African nations were invited by the US president:

The G8 leaders talked about making progress towards food security in Africa.[15]

Others were invited, including:

Schedule and Agenda

President Barack Obama hosts a working dinner on May 18. Seated clockwise from the President are: David Cameron, Dmitry Medvedev, Angela Merkel, Herman Van Rompuy, José Manuel Barroso, Yoshihiko Noda, Mario Monti, Stephen Harper and François Hollande.

The summit is intended as a venue for resolving differences among the G8 members.[17]

Traditionally, the host country of the G8 summit sets the agenda.[18]

Discussions at the 38th G8 summit included some issues from previous summits.[19]

The G8 discussions included a range of topics, including

  • Energy[20]
  • Afghanistan[20]
  • Changes taking place across the Middle East and North Africa[20]
  • Climate change[20]
  • Food security[20]
  • Greece in the euro zone[21]
  • Iran’s nuclear energy plans[21]
  • Nutrition[20]

Protesters and demonstrations

Security in the region of the presidential home at Camp David is well established

Planners anticipated protest groups and other activists.[22]

When the venue for the summit was changed from Chicago, a White House spokesman said security and the possibility of protests were not factors in the decision.[23] Some protest groups took credit for the change of venue.[24]

Business opportunity


For some, the G8 summit was a profit-generating event; as for example, the G8 Summit magazines which have been published since 1998.[25]

Local businesses near Camp David are expecting more people in the area and profits because of the summit.[26]



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