A Doll's House

1879 play by Henrik Ibsen

A Doll's House (also translated from Danish as A Doll House) is a three-act play written by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. It premiered at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 21 December 1879.[1] The play is set in a Norwegian town circa 1879.

List of characters change

Adeleide Johannessen in character as Nora, from a cigarette card of c. 1880–82
  • Nora Helmer – wife of Torvald, mother of three, represents the 19th-century wife, but leaves her family at the end of the play.
  • Torvald Helmer – Nora's husband, a newly promoted bank manager, who loves his wife but their marriage does not make her happy.
  • Dr. Rank – a rich family friend. He is terminally ill.
  • Kristine Linde – Nora's old school friend, widowed, is looking for a job.
  • Nils Krogstad – an employee at Torvald's bank and single father.
  • The Children – Nora and Torvald's children: Ivar, Bobby and Emmy (in order of age).
  • Anne Marie – Nora's former nanny, who gave up her own daughter to "strangers" when she became, as she says, the only mother Nora knew. She now cares for Nora's children.[2]
  • Helene – the Helmers' maid
  • The Porter – delivers a Christmas tree to the Helmer household at the beginning of the play.

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