Ahmad Alsarghali

Palestinian activist and journalist

Ahmad Alsarghali (Arabic: أحمد السرغلي) (born December 29, 1982) is a Palestinian activist from the city of Tulkarm in Palestine, and is considered one of the most prominent PR directors in his country.[1] He is the head of the Marketing Communications and Public Relations director and the authorized spokesperson for Paltel, the largest Palestinian telecommunications company in Palestine. He is the first Secretary General of the Palestinian Electronic Sports Federation. He is also the general manager of Al-Fajr Al-Jadeed TV,[2] one of the most prominent media stations of the State of Palestine.[3]

Ahmad Alsarghali
Ahmed alsarghali.jpg
Ahmad Alsarghali

(1982-12-29) December 29, 1982 (age 40)
EducationAn-Najah National University
Known for
  • General Manager of Al-Fajer TV.
  • Authorized Media spokesperson for Paltel

Early life and EducationEdit

Ahmed was born on December 29, 1982. His father, Samir, is a prominent media personality and founder of the Al-Fajr media station. His maternal grandmother is of Jewish descent. Ahmed received his education in Tulkarm schools, then went to study engineering at An-Najah National University,[4] after which he was arrested and detained in Israeli prisons because of the Palestinian situation, and he stayed in prison for a while. After that he got out of prison and decided to study accounting.[5]


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