Alejandro Sieveking

Chilean writer

Alejandro Sieveking Campano (5 September 1934 – 5 March 2020) was a Chilean playwright, theatre director and actor. He was one of the founders of the Teatro del Ángel (Angel Theatre Company) in Chile and Costa Rica. In 2017, he was awarded the National Prize for Performing and Audiovisual Arts. His theatre credits include Mi hermano Cristián (1957), Ánimas de día claro (1962), La remolienda (1965), Tres tristes tigres (1967) and Ingenuas palomas (1989).

Sieveking in 2019

Sieveking was born in Rengo, O'Higgins. He married actress Bélgica Castro in 1961. On 5 March 2020, Sieveking died in Santiago at the age of 85.[1] His wife died the next day.[2]

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