Alexander (ship)

British ship (1783)

The Alexander was one of six convict transport ships in the First Fleet. The First Fleet carried convicts and soldiers to Australia to start a penal colony. This was the start of European settlement of Australia. The Alexander was a ship of 452 tons under the command of Duncan Sinclair.[1] It was 114 ft (35 m) long and 31 ft (9 m) wide.[2] The ship was built in Hull in 1783.[3] The ship had a contract with the British Government to carry convicts. The owners were paid at a rate of 10 shillings per ton per month until the ship returned to Deptford. They had to agree to keep the prisoners secure and in safe custody.[1] Many of the convicts were not suited for a long sea voyage. Eleven sick men who had been put on the ship died before the fleet sailed.[4] The ship took 195 male convicts to Australia.[3]


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