Alexander Palace

palace near Tsarskoye Selo, Russia

The Alexander Palace (Russian: Александровский дворец) was a palace near Tsarskoye Selo, St. Petersburg, Russia. It is mostly famous for being the place where the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family lived. It is in the Alexander Park. It was called an "elegant building" with the "greatest simplicity" and "comfort".[2]

Alexander Palace
Александровский дворец
Alexander palace.JPG
Panoramic view of Alexander Palace in 2010
General information
TypeImperial residence
Coordinates59°43′16″N 30°23′33″E / 59.721°N 30.3926°E / 59.721; 30.3926Coordinates: 59°43′16″N 30°23′33″E / 59.721°N 30.3926°E / 59.721; 30.3926
Construction started1792[1]
Design and construction
ArchitectGiacomo Quarenghi[1]
Alexander Palace


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