Alpin II of Dalriada


Alpin II was a king of Dalriada and the father of Kenneth & Donald MacAlpin, his name was Aílpin mac Echdach in Gaelic, he ruled as king of Dalriada in 834 [1]and some even say he was king of Scots although his son was the first to be king of Scots in 843/848. He was born in 778 and died July 20th 834 fighting the Picts in Galloway, after his death Kenneth MacAlpin [2]became king of Dalriada but many others claimed the throne and he also become king of Pictland with the same happening there. He was buried later in July 834 in Galloway.[3]

Alpin II
King of Dál Riata
PredecessorÓengus of Pictland and Domnall
SuccessorDomnall and Cináed and Áed
Died20 July 834 (aged 55/56)
Galloway, Scotland

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