American Ornithologists' Union

United States ornithological organization

The American Ornithologists' Union (AOU) is an ornithological organization. It is found in the USA. Its members are mainly professional ornithologists. It is similar to the National Audubon Society, except its members are mainly amateur birders. It is a member of the Ornithological Council.

Participants in the 13th AOS congress

It was founded in September 1883 by Elliott Coues, Joel Asaph Allen, and William Brewster.

It has a journal, called The Auk. It is published four times a year. It has been published since January, 1884. Some of its other big publications are the AOU Checklist of North American Birds and a series, Ornithological Monographs. The AOU Checklist of North American Birds is the standard reference for the field.

The South American Classification Committee (SACC) is a committee under the AOU. It deals with creating a standard classification, with English names. This is for the bird species of South America.

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