Andalusian nationalism

political ideology

Andalusian nationalism called Andalucismo in Spanish, is the name given to the political separatist movement in the Iberian Peninsula. It wants the Andalusia people to be recognized as a "nation". The main political party is the Andalusian Nationalists Party[2] but there are also smaller political groups supporting Andalusian nationalism, including Nación Andaluza and Asamblea Nacional de Andalucía.

Monument to Blas Infante, Father of Andalusia,[1] erected in the same place where he was executed without trial by Fascist rebels in 1936
Nationalists flag for the Andalusia peoples


  1. (in Spanish) Parliament of Andalusia: Blas Infante, Father of Andalusia
  2. The Andalucista Party was known as Partido Socialista de Andalucía or Socialist Party of Andalusia (Not to be confused with the regional branch of PSOE, known as PSOE-A). It came from the Asamblea Socialista of Andalucía but later on it dropped the word socialist and moved to the political centre.