angel in some Abrahamic religions; often identified with the angel of death
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Azrael is the archangel of death. It is an English form of the Arabic name Azra'il or Azra'eil (Arabic: عزرایل‎), the name traditionally attributed to the angel of death in Islam and some Hebrew lore. The Qur'an never uses this name, referring instead to Malaikat al-Maut (which translates directly as angels of death; not one angel). Since it is not mentioned either in the Qur'an nor Hadith, it is not part of the religion. It is thought by some to be legendary or adapted from other religions. It is also spelled Izrail, Izrael, Azrail, Ezraeil, Azraille, or Ozryel. Chambers English dictionary uses the spelling Azrael. The name means Whom God Helps.

Azrail is a painting by Mikhail Vrubel
The Angel of Death, sculpture of a funeral gondola, Venice. Photo by Paolo Monti, 1951.