Anti-globalization movement

worldwide political movement against multinational corporations
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Anti-globalization is used for people and groups who oppose certain aspects of globalization in its present form.

Anti-WEF graffiti in Lausanne. The writing reads: La croissance est une folie ("Growth is madness").

“Anti-globalization” is considered by many to be a social movement, while others consider it to be several separate social movements. In either case, participants are united in opposition to the political power of large corporations, as exercised in trade agreements and elsewhere, which they say destroys the environment, human rights, labor rights for worker, national sovereignty, the third world, and more.

Most people who are called "anti-globalization" prefer instead to describe themselves as the Global Justice Movement, the Movement of Movements (a popular term in Italy), the "alter-globalization" movement (popular in France), and a number of other terms.

The groups and individuals that would come to be known as the "anti-globalization movement" developed in the late twentieth century to combat the globalization of corporate economic activity and the free trade with developing nations that might result from such activity.

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