Arctic Cordillera

mountain range in Nunavut, Quebec, and Labrador

The Arctic Cordillera is a mountain range running along the northeastern coast of North America from Ellesmere Island to the northernmost tip of Labrador. It is the only major mountain range in Canada east of the Rocky Mountains. The range has a surface area of 218,225 km2 (84,257 sq mi). Its highest point is 2,616 metres (8,583 ft) at Barbeau Peak.

Arctic Cordillera
The Baffin Mountains at the northern end of Auyuittuq National Park
Highest point
PeakBarbeau Peak
Elevation2,616 m (8,583 ft)
Coordinates81°54′30″N 75°01′30″W / 81.90833°N 75.02500°W / 81.90833; -75.02500
Territories and ProvincesNunavut, Quebec and Labrador
RegionsArctic Archipelago and Ungava Peninsula
Type of rockIgneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary

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