Arthur C. Clarke Award

Award for best SF novel published in the UK in the previous year

The Arthur C. Clarke Award is a prize for excellent science fiction writing. It is a British award for a science fiction novel from the year before. To win, a the novel must be published first in the United Kingdom. The winner gets money as a prize. The prize amount increases each year. It is a number of pounds sterling equal to the year of the prize (£1987 for the first prize in 1987, and £2011 for the most recent prize).

The science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke gave money to start the prize. The first prize was given in 1987. A group of judges choose the winning book. Judges come from the British Science Fiction Association, the Science Fiction Foundation and a third group. Now, that third group SF Crowsnest. The Serendip Foundation manages the prize. Recently, the award has been presented on the first night of the SCI-FI-LONDON film festival.

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