Ashikaga Takauji

first shōgun of the Ashikaga shogunate of Japan (1305–1358)

Ashikaga Takauji (足利 尊氏, August 18, 1305June 7, 1358)[1] was the founder of the Ashikaga shogunate.[2]

Portrait of Ashikaga Takauji

He took power in 1338. This was the beginning of the Muromachi period in Japan, and his reign came to an end with his death in 1358..[3]

He was in the Seiwa Genji family. The family is descended from Emperor Seiwa.

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  1. His name had originally been written with the characters 高氏,but he later received from Emperor Go-Daigo the right to use those 尊氏, under which he would become famous. According to Sansom (1977:87), in contemporary chronicles he is rarely called with his name, but referred to as Ō-gosho (大御所, Great shōgun) or Dainagon (Great Councillor).
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