Astorga Cathedral

cultural property in Astorga, Spain

The Cathedral of Astorga (Spanish: Catedral de Santa María de Astorga) is a Roman Catholic church in Astorga, Spain. It was declared a national monument in 1931. Bishop of this cathedral is Camilo Lorenzo Iglesias (Bishop of Astorga).

Astorga Cathedral
Catedral de Astorga
Astorga - Catedral, fachada.jpg
Astorga Cathedral
LocationAstorga, Spain
DenominationRoman Catholicism
Founder(s)Siglo XVIII
StyleGothic , Renaissance , Baroque

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Coordinates: 42°27′28″N 6°03′25″W / 42.45778°N 6.05694°W / 42.45778; -6.05694