Asylum seeker

individual who seeks refuge, esp. political asylum, in a foreign country

An asylum seeker is a person who was forced to flee from their country, due to democide genocide, or mass murder. (endangered) and routed to nearby countries to seek refuge but, is not accepted yet as a refugee. Refugees and asylum seekers are different.

An Armenian refugee woman with her son. (Armenian Genocide)

The decision whether a person is a refugee or not is most often left to certain government agencies with the host country. This can lead to a situation where the country will see an asylum seeker neither as refugee nor as legitimate migrant. Then they will be treated as an illegal immigrant (a person who is not a citizen of the country) even if their life was endangered in the country they fled from.

If a person comes to a country to seek asylum, their refugee status will then be assessed. The government decides whether the person is in danger because of persecution, or if they are just trying to come to that country for free. If a person is not a refugee, they will not have the rights of a refugee. In that case, the government does not have to follow the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees.

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