person who pursues high-quality or realistic audio playback

An audiophile is a person who cares about how good music sounds on a stereo or other high fidelity sound system. An audiophile is interested in how to improve the sound quality of sound recordings, such as vinyl records and compact discs, as well as the equipment used to listen to recordings such as CD players, amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Audiophiles are always looking for ways to improve their sound system. There are discussion forums, magazines and clubs for audiophiles to share their ideas.

Some audiophiles believe that differences should be able to be measured in a scientific way. This type of audiophile is called an "objectivist".

Other audiophiles believe that "what sounds better" or "more musical" may not be measurable. They rely mostly on their own ears and preferences. This type of audiophile is called a "subjectivist".

Audiophile is also used as an adjective in descriptions of audio equipment and recorded music, where it is intended to imply high quality.

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