Bass Strait

sea strait between the Australian mainland and Tasmania

Bass Strait is a sea strait separating Tasmania from the south of the Australian mainland, specifically the state of Victoria. The strait was named after George Bass who travelled it in 1798.[1]

Map of Australia with Bass Strait marked in light blue

It is about 240 km wide at its narrowest point and generally around 50 metres deep. It has many islands, with King Island and Flinders Island home to many towns.

The water is very rough, with many ships lost in the 19th century. A lighthouse was built on Deal Island in 1848 to help ships in the eastern part of the Straits. On the west, the Cape Otway Lighthouse was first lit in 1848. Another lighthouse was at Cape Wickham at the northern end of King Island in 1861.


Map of Bass Strait including major island groups

There are over 50 islands in Bass Strait. Major islands include:

Western section:

South eastern section:

North eastern section:



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