Batting (baseball)

baseball offensive act of facing the pitcher and attempting to hit the ball into play
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In baseball, batting is the act of going against the other team's pitcher and trying to hit the baseball ball. A batter or hitter is the player who swings his bat to try to hit the ball. In Major League Baseball, pitchers usually do not bat unless they are playing in the National League where batters have to bat even if they are pitchers. In the American League, pitchers do not bat, and only pitch.

Batting the primary method by which Baseball teams play offense and score runs. A Batter bats by standing in the Batter's Box at Home Plate and either swinging or not swinging at the pitches the Pitcher throws. This activity collectively is known as an At Bat. The goal of the batter is get to get a hit, while the pitcher wants to get an out.

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