Battle of Miani

part of the British conquest of Sindh

The Battle of Miani (February 17, 1843) was a battle between British forces under Sir Charles Napier and the Talpur rulers of Sindh (now a province of Pakistan).

Battle of Miani
Part of conquest of Sind
DateFebruary 17, 1843
Result British Victory
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Talpur Amirs of Sindh
Commanders and leaders
Charles Napier Mir Naseer Khan Talpur
2,800 [1] 30,000[1]
Casualties and losses
256[2] 5,000-6,000


The British were upset about the local rulers' stance during the First Anglo-Afghan War (1839–42). After Napier first gained military control of the region by forcing an agreement with the Sindh amirs, his forces attacked the fortress at Imamgarh. After the attack on Imamgarh a popular revolt broke out against the British by the people of Sindh

The Battle of Miani (also known as Meeanee by the British) was the decisive victory that allowed British to take control of all of Sindh (apart from the state of Khairpur).[3]

Later, on March 24, 1843, Mir Sher Muhammad Khan Talpur, the ruler of Southeastern Sindh (Mirpurkhas) tried to liberate Sindh from the occupation of the British East India Company forces at the Battle of Dubbo but he could not succeed[4]


More than twenty thousand Baloch forces were killed while fighting British invaders.


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