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Beauty of Loulan

mummified woman found in China
Loural Beauty.jpg

The Beauty of Loulan (楼兰美女) or Loulan Beauty (Other aliases: Loulan middle-aged woman(楼兰長女)) was a Caucasian adult female mummy discovered in the 20th century. On April 1, 1980, the mummy was discovered by Chinese archaeologists Mu Sun-ing (穆舜英) and some member of the Archaeological Institute of the Shinjang Uighur Academy of Social Sciences other, Urumuqi in Taklamakan in Sinjang. This mummy has been called the Loulan Beauty because of her wonderfully preserved, stately facial features that have remained quite beautiful even in death.[1] She was of a white race ("Caucasian") and her ancestry on her father's side was Celtic or Scandinavian. The hair on her head is red. The woman was 40~48 years old at the time of her death. Her height was 152~155 cm, and her blood type was O.

Despite her radiant beauty, she has lived a hard life, her shoes and clothing having been repeatedly mended.[2] Her hair was infested with lice.[2] She inhaled a great deal of sand, dust and charcoal which led to lung failure and also most likely caused her death.[2] She lived roughly around B.C 1900~ B.C 1800.

The mummy is wrapped in sheepskin, cowhide leather and linen, and wearing leather shoes. Found with her were several items of Earthenware and grains.

In 1980, hers Restoration of production to Japanese painter Yamaguchi Terunari(山本耀也). Her ancestry on her father's side was of European origin,[3] but her mother seems to have been at least of mixed-Asian heritage.[4] The mummy is displayed on the second floor of the Xinjiang Uygur Museum, "Mummy Hall(古尸馆)".[5] She was possibly an ancestor of Tokharians.

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