album by the English rock group Ambrose Slade

Beginnings is a 1969 rock album by English band Slade, under their earlier name Ambrose Slade. It was the band's first studio album, which failed to chart. In America, the album was titled Ballzy and featured new artwork.

Studio album by
Released9 May 1969
GenreRock music
LabelFontana Records
ProducerAmbrose Slade, Roger Wake
Ambrose Slade chronology
Beginnings Play It Loud (as Slade, 1970)

The album featured the instrumental single "Genesis".

Track listingEdit

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Genesis" (Did Not Chart)Holder/Lea/Hill/Powell 3:16
2. "Everybody's Next One"  Kay/Mekler 2:45
3. "Knocking Nails Into My House"  Lynne 2:24
4. "Roach Daddy"  Holder/Lea/Hill/Powell 3:03
5. "Ain't Got No Heart"  Zappa 2:37
6. "Pitty the Mother"  Zappa 3:57
7. "Mad Dog Cole"  Holder/Lea/Hill/Powell 2:42
8. "Fly Me High"  Hayward 2:56
9. "If This World Were Mine"  Gaye 3:16
10. "Martha My Dear"  Lennon/McCartney 2:19
11. "Born to Be Wild"  Bonfire 3:24
12. "Journey to the Center of Your Mind"  Nugent/Farmer 2:46

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