Below Her Mouth

2016 film directed by April Mullen

Below Her Mouth is a 2016 Canadian erotic and romantic drama movie. It premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. It was filmed in Toronto over three and a half weeks. It had an all-female production crew.

Plot change

Jasmine is a successful fashion editor. She's living with her fiance in Toronto

On her night out to the city with her best friend, she meets a woman named Dallas (a roofer who is just recently out of a relationship). The two different women are sexually attracted to each other. Jasmine is surprised by this. Dallas is working on the house next to Jasmine's.

Jasmine goes with Dallas to her low-rent apartment. The two have sex with each other.

Jasmine deals with feelings over being sexually involved with another woman. But she is afraid her affair with Dallas may ruin her engagement with her fiance if it ever becomes known.

Cast change

  • Erika Linder as Dallas
  • Natalie Krill as Jasmine
  • Sebastian Pigott as Rile

Release change

Below Her Mouth premiered in the United States on April 28, 2017.[1]

Reception change

The approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes is 22% based on 23 critics' reviews.

Diego Semerone gave the movie 0.5 stars out of 4. He said: "The film is an unquestionably pornographic fantasy barely trying to pass as something other than masturbation material. Below Her Mouth's stiff acting and dialogue suggest a Blue is the Warmest Color influence reduced to sexy aesthetics of lesbian sex."[2]

Katie Walsh from the Los Angeles Times said: "Despite female filmmakers at the helm, the film treads into the exploitative territory, with the ratio of screen time given to writhing female bodies far outweighs that given to their unique experience as gay or closeted women in the world."[3]

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