Berlin Staatskapelle

German orchestra

The Staatskapelle Berlin is a German orchestra. It is the orchestra of the Berlin State Opera (Berliner Staatsoper Unter den Linden).

The history of the orchestra goes back to 1570, when the Elector of Brandenburg started an orchestra at his court. By the mid 18th century it was linked to the Royal Court Opera, started in 1742 by Frederick the Great. Famous musicians who have played with the orchestra include Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Franz Benda, and Johann Joachim Quantz

Giacomo Meyerbeer became Kapellmeister (Music Director), from 1842. The orchestra started a series of public concerts. They were the first orchestra to play the first performances of many famous pieces of music by Richard Wagner, Felix Mendelssohn, and Otto Nicolai.

The orchestra's music director is called the "Staatskapellmeister". He is also the music director of the Berlin State Opera. Today the music director is Daniel Barenboim, who has had the job since 1992. In 2000 Barenboim was given the title of "conductor for life". Barenboim and the orchestra have made several recordings.

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