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Big Brother 2007 (or Big Brother 8) was the eighth series of the British reality television series Big Brother.[1] It was shown on Channel 4. Some other, related programmes were shown on E4. The series was hosted by Davina McCall. It began on 30 May 2007, and ended 94 days later on 31 August 2007. Ratings for this series were very low compared to other series.

On the first night of the show, all the housemates who entered were female. Male housemates were sent in later, at intervals over the first two weeks.[2][3][4] Another five housemates (three females, and two males) entered the house on the 59th day.[5] In total, there were 22 housemates in total in this series of Big Brother.

The series was eventually won by housemate Brian Belo. He won £100,000.


Name Age on entry Hometown Day entered Day exited Result
Brian Belo 19 Essex (originally from Nigeria) 17 94 Winner
Amanda & Sam Marchant[a] 18 Stoke-on-Trent 1 94 Runner-up
Liam McGough 22 County Durham 17 94 3rd Place[b]
Ziggy Lichman 26 London 3 94 4th Place
Carole Vincent 53 London 1 94 5th Place
Jonty Stern 36 London 59 94 6th Place
Kara-Louise Horne 22 London 59 87 Evicted
Tracey Barnard 36 Cambridgeshire 1 87 Evicted
Gerry Stergiopoulos 31 London (originally from Greece) 10 80 Evicted
Amy Alexander 21 Grimsby, Lincolnshire 59 73 Evicted
David Parnaby 25 Ayr 59 66 Evicted
Shanessa Reilly 27 Cardiff 59 66 Evicted
Chanelle Hayes 19 Wakefield 1 62 Walked[c]
Charley Uchea 21 London 1 59 Evicted
Nicky Maxwell 27 Watford 1 52 Evicted
Laura Williams 23 Rhondda Valleys 1 38 Evicted
Jonathan Durden 49 London 17 35 Walked
Billi Bhatti 25 London 17 31 Evicted
Seany O'Kane 26 Derry 10 24 Evicted
Shabnam Paryani 22 London 1 17 Evicted
Lesley Brain 60 Gloucestershire 1 11 Walked
Emily Parr 19 Bristol 1 9 Ejected


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