BoOzy’ OS and the Cristal Gem

2013 animated short film

BoOzy’ OS and the Cristal Gem (also simply known as The Cristal Gem)[1][2] is a French animated short film set in Annecy. The film was directed by J.K. Arsyn. It was produced by RED ƎYE Productions and distributed by CreaSyn Studio. It was released on the Internet on April 14, 2013. It was shown for the first time in theatres at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival on April 15, 2013.[3]

BoOzy’ OS and the Cristal Gem
The Cristal Gem poster
FrenchBoOzy’ OS et la Gemme de Cristal
Directed byJ.K. Arsyn
Written byJ.K. Arsyn
Story byJ.K. Arsyn
Based onBoOzy’ OS
by J.K. Arsyn
Produced byJ.K. Arsyn
Edited byJ.K. Arsyn
Music bySynth of Rage
Animation byJ.K. Arsyn
Color processColor
Distributed byCreaSyn Studio
Release dates
  • April 14, 2013 (2013-04-14) (Internet)
  • April 15, 2013 (2013-04-15) (France)
Running time
5 minutes

The film arrived first at the "+ de courts! Online animation film contest by Annecy" event that was organized by Dailymotion, Cartoon Network Studios and Annecy.[4]

The title is a reference to the Annecy award which is called "the Annecy Cristal" (le Cristal d'Annecy).[1]

Plot change

Summary change

A muscular prehistoric man named BoOzy’ OS is searching for the Annecy Cristal. He is helped by OSmic the Hedge’ OS and some friends. Together, they will have to face Mari’ OS and Rob’ OSmic.[3]

Themes and inspiration change

Video games change

The film parodies video game characters such as Earthworm Jim, Sonic the Hedgehog, Doctor Robotnik, Mario and the “lost souls” from Doom.[5]

Character from the movie Parodied character Notes
BoOzy’ OS Earthworm Jim movements and mimics
L’ OS SoOl Lost soul from Doom
Mari’ OS Mario
Rob’ OSmic Doctor Robotnik
OSmic the Hedgeh’ OS Sonic the Hedgehog

Cinema change

The film also parodies movies. A lot of parodic movie posters are include in the film.[5]

Poster in the movie Parodied film Notes
Aladdingue Aladdin named Aladding in some versions
Avataré Avatar
BoOz to the Future Back to the Future
Le Roi Fion The Lion King Le Roi lion in French
La Belle et la BoOz Beauty and the Beast La Belle et la Bête in French
Cristal and Girls Cliffhanger

There is also a wink to the animated part of Jan Kounen's 99 Francs in the film. Most of J.K. Arsyn's works are cited in the film: The Cockbite, The Cockbitanga, The Cockbitosaurus, Cow Hard, Melting Cop, Stop-and-Cop, SynCop and K. Arsyn's Synaude.[5]

Literature change

A character named Tarz’ OS parodies Tarzan. This passage takes place in the jungle.[5]

Tarz’ OS

Cast change

  • J.K. Arsyn as BoOzy’ OS / Mari’ OS / OSmic the Hedgeh’ OS / SkoOlet’ OS / Rob’ OSmic / PoOlet’ OS
  • Georges Colazzo as Victor Chai

Production change

The idea to create the film was born on March 4, 2013, following an announcement from the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Development of the film began at RED ƎYE Studios in Roanne, near Lyon on March 5, 2013. The film was made in 38 days. It was finished on April 14, 2013.[6]

There are more than 1,300 graphics in the film. They were made with Adobe Illustrator. The film was edited and animated with Adobe After Effects using a Dual-Core with 2 GiB of RAM. The computer was not able to display the result in real time.[6]

Soundtrack change

BoOzy’ OS and the Cristal Gem’ OSt is the soundtrack album for the movie. It was made by Synth of Rage. It was composed by J.K. Arsyn and performed by Axel “XLR” Rock. It is inspired by video game music (Streets of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Donkey Kong Country).[7]

Track listing change

All songs written and composed by J.K. Arsyn, performed by Axel “XLR” Rock and presented by Synth of Rage[8]

No. TitleTrack Length
1. "Keep the BoOzin’" (March 23, 2013)  3:08
2. "OSmic the Hedgeh’ OS title theme" (March 26, 2013) 0:10
3. "Cristal Gem Zone" (March 27, 2013) 0:53
4. "Fat and Vicious" (March 28, 2013) 0:56
5. "Cristal Escape" (March 29, 2013)  1:47
6. "oOh ah Swing" (April 13, 2013) 0:20
7. "Tarz’ OS Swing" (Bonus track, April 5, 2013) 0:20
Total length:

Release dates change

The film was released on the Internet on April 14, 2013, before being shown in theatres.[3]

Country Premiere[3] Long title[1] Short title[1]
  France 15 April 2013 BoOzy’ OS et la Gemme de Cristal La Gemme de Cristal
  Italy 14 January 2020 BoOzy’ OS e la Gemma di Cristal La Gemma di Cristal
  Spain 18 August 2020 BoOzy’ OS y la Gema de Cristal La Gema de Cristal

Awards and nominations change

Year Country Awards ceremony Category Results
2013   France Annecy International Animated Film Festival "+ de Courts !" event Won[4]
2014   France Le mois du court-métrage Won[9]
2020   Italy Oniros Film Awards Best Animation Nominated[10]
  Spain Sea & Beach Film Festival Best Soundtrack Nominated[11]
Best Movie Poster Won[12]
2021   Morocco Morocco Fest - Morocco International Short Film Festival Best Short Film Nominated[13]
  United States Oregon Film Festival Nominated[14]

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