Bone marrow (food)

as food

Bone marrow, when eaten as food, is the bone marrow of animals. There are different marrows. Some are red and some are yellow.

Bone cuts with marrow.

Overview change

The marrow is on the inside of the bone. Mammals have bone marrow.

Cuts of bones are usually sold with the marrow inside. The marrow has a lot of fat.[1]

Bone marrow can be cooked the same way as meat.

Around the world change

Soup with bone and its marrow.

In Vietnam, people put beef bone marrow in a soup called phở. In the Philippines, the soup bulalo is made mostly of beef stock and bone marrow, vegetables, and boiled meat. It is also used in another soup called kansi.

In India and Pakistan, slow-cooked marrow is used in a dish called nalli nihari.[source?]

Beef bone marrow is also a used in the Italian dish ossobuco, which is braised veal shanks. Beef marrow bones are also used in the French pot-au-feu broth, with some sea salt.[source?]

In Kathmandu, Nepal, Sapu Mhichā, which is a leaf tripe bag stuffed with bone marrow, is a delicacy served during special occasions. The bag is boiled and fried, and is eaten when the marrow is still molten.[2]

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