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The Borg are a fictional race of organic cyborgs in the Star Trek universe which have formed over thousands of years. The Borg use nanoprobes to assimilate others, like humans or vulcans, into their group consciousness. The only execption to assimilation are races either too primitve to assimilate (who are ignored) or races too dangerous to assimilate (who are destroyed). The Borg's group consciousness is led by the Borg queen, who's role is similar to that of a queen bee in a bee hive.

Defeating the BorgEdit

Despite their abilty to adapt to various attempts to destroy them, the Borg can be defeated several ways:

  1. Commander Data linked with the assimilated "Loctus of Borg" (Jean-Luc Picard) and sends a command that starts the Borg regeneration sequence and effectively put them all to sleep;the command caused the Borg power net to feed back on itself and has triggered a self-destruct sequence in The Best of Both Worlds,
  2. Data and La Forge came up with an invasive program designed as a geometric form that could not actually exist in physical space; the result of it in the Borg collective memory-which would continue to attempt to analyze the shape. Each step taken by the Borg to understand the program would spawn a series of anomalous solutions that would interact with each other, resulting in an endless, unsolvable puzzle. Eventually, the Borg neural network would collapse under the strain of attempting to solve the paradox, resulting in a total systems failure across the entire Collective in I Borg,
  3. A Borg experiences being an individual; this is so dangerous that the Borg Queen will destroy an entire Borg Square/or Sphere if even a hint of individualty is about to form in one Borg."I Borg" and "Endgame".
  4. Species 6339 developed a synthetic pathogen so that when they were assimilated by the Borg, so that it would be spread to the Borg vinculum. From there, it caused all drones within range to experience the Borg equivalent of multiple personality disorder, eventually leading to their self-destruction. The process would be repeated when another Borg vessel retrieved the vinculum, and so on in "Infinate Regress",
  5. Future Admiral Kathryn Janeway had herself injected with a neurolytic pathogen and allowed herself to be assimilated by the Borg Queen who in turn selfdestruted " along with The Borg transwarp complex and many Borg Spheres. "Endgame",

How many species assimiliated?Edit

By the time of Voyager, the Borg have assimilated 10,026 species

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