Brazilian Democratic Movement

big tent political party in Brazil

The Brazilian Democratic Movement (Portuguese: Movimento Democrático Brasileiro, MDB) is a Brazilian centrist political party. When they were founded, they were the opposition to the Brazilian military government.

Brazilian Democratic Movement
Movimento Democrático Brasileiro
PresidentBaleia Rossi
Secretary-GeneralJorge Caruso
Founded4 December 1965 (original MDB)
30 June 1981 (registered as PMDB)
19 December 2017 (altered its name back to MDB)
Dissolved20 December 1979 (original MDB)
HeadquartersCâmara dos Deputados - Presidência do MDB, Ed. Principal sala T4 - Esplanada dos Ministérios
IdeologyBig tent[1][2]
Third way
Economic liberalism[3]
Economic nationalism[4]
Social conservatism[3]
Political positionCentre to centre-right[5][6]
Centre to centre-left[7][8]
Regional affiliationCOPPPAL
             Yellow, red and black
TSE Identification Number15
Chamber of Deputies
34 / 513
Federal Senate
12 / 81
7 / 27
State Assemblies
147 / 1,024
1,022 / 5,570
City Councillors
7,825 / 56,810

Social liberals and social democrats broke with the party in 1988 to form the Brazilian Social Democracy Party.

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