Brest Region

administrative divison (voblast) in southwestern Belarus

Brest Voblast (Province) or Brest Oblast is a province (voblast) of Belarus. The administrative center is Brest. Important cities in the voblast include: Baranovichi, Brest, and Pinsk.

Brest Voblast (Brest Oblast)

Брэ́сцкая во́бласць Бре́стская о́бласть
Location of Brest Voblast (Brest Oblast)
Administrative centerBrest
Largest citiesBrest - 298,300
Baranovichi - 168,600
Pinsk - 130,500
Cities: 20
Urban localities: 9
Villages: 2,178
 • ChairmanKostantin Andreyevich Sumar
 • Total32,700 km2 (12,600 sq mi)
 • Total1,445,600
 • Density44/km2 (110/sq mi)

The region was formed in 1939 after Western Belarus rejoined the Byelorussian SSR. Today it has 16 districts (raions), 225 selsovets, 20 cities, 5 city municipalities, 9 urban-type settlements, and 2178 villages.