Carlton Ulysses Wheezer is a fictional character from the American computer animated television series The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius created by John A. Davis and Steve Oedekerk. Characterized by his extreme obsession with llamas and trademark high-pitched voice, he is one of Jimmy’s best friends.

Carl Wheezer
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius character
First appearanceRunaway Rocketboy! (1998)
Last appearanceHis last show appearance was in the series finale "Jimmy Timmy Power-Hour 3: The Jerkinators.” He last nickelodeon appearance was in a video game titled “ Pixel town.”
Created byJohn A. Davis
Steve Oedekerk
Voiced byRob Paulsen
Wally Wingert (2002 video game)
AliasesJimmy Neutron
FamilyMr. Wheezer (father/uncle)
Mrs. Wheezer (mother/aunt)

The character was played by voice actor Rob Paulsen who also provides the vocals for his alien equivalent Doppy in its spin-off series Planet Sheen.

Character change

Personality change

A glasses-wearing boy with very low intelligence and one of Jimmy’s best friends, Carl is characterized by obsessions with llamas (which is a running gag throughout the series), and having a crush on Jimmy's mom, Judy Neutron.[1] His unhealthy love for llamas stemmed when his parents inflated their cable lineups with a show within a show entitled Llama Boy the Superhero. From that point onwards, he goes to drastic measures to emulate them going far enough to a fan club nicknamed the Llama Love Society which is likely invented by himself.

Worthy to note, he has a severe allergen to lima beans, bacteria, and horror stories.[2] Whenever he gets fatigued his mother makes him hot milk, rubs his stomach, and harmonizes nani nani nani.[3]

Carl also has another unhealthy relationship with any types of food imaginable even if they are inedible which is a trait passed from his parents using an edible consumption substitute since they are allergic to nearly everything. Furthermore, he gets quite jealous on Jimmy’s extreme intelligence and gaining constant attraction from other girls besides Cindy. Carl has an absolute hatred on testing out his gadgets and serums coming from the fact that they often cause him fatalities or being in a state of endangerment.

Appearance change

A round 10-year-old characterized by his trademark high-pitched voice, Carl has red hair in a weird splat style, small black bead eyes in contrast to the other characters with colored irises, and brown circular spectacles alongside freckles in cheeks. During the series, he wears a yellow shirt with orange stripes alongside overall straps which were not present in the film green pants and brown loafers while in the test pilot, he greatly resembles his father. Carl has been left in his underwear on numerous occasions, typically appearing in his tighty whities. Additionally, he has a very slight hunchback.

Portrayal change

In both the series and film, he is played by professional voice artist Rob Paulsen. Besides this role, he also lent his vocals to his alien equivalent Doppy in its spinoff series Planet Sheen.[4] Paulsen voices his parents as well and one-shot characters including the owner of a Golden Arches parody nicknamed Skeet in the episode “Men at Work.”

In popular culture change

In 2012, a clip of Carl asking for a croissant in a faux-French accent became a popular internet meme.[5]

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