person who lives to or beyond the age of 100 years

A centenarian is a person who has lived to be at least 100. Because people normally die before this age, the word centenarian is usually linked to longevity. The United States has the most centenarians, while Japan is second.

Actor, comedian, and entertainer Bob Hope, who died shortly after he turned 100, was one of the most well known people to become a centenarian.
Pre-19th Century Centenarian Sarah Baird of New Jersey pictured on her 100th birthday in 1880.
Jack Eaton, the oldest living Tomb Sentinel, sits in the Tomb Quarters at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington.

Much more rare is a supercentenarian, who is a person that has lived to be at least 110. Famous supercentenarians have included Harry Patch, who was the last surviving British soldier of the First World War trenches. He died on 25 July 2009 (aged 111). For the last seven days of his life he was Britain's oldest man. Henry Allingham, another First World War veteran, had died a week earlier (aged 113). [1]

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