Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party

Leader of the Chinese Communist Party between 1945 and 1982

The Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (Chinese: 中国共产党中央委员会主席) was the head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The position was established at the 8th National Congress in 1945 and abolished at the 12th National Congress in 1982, being replaced by that of the General Secretary. The CCP Chairman was elected by the Central Committee in plenary session and had full powers over the Central Committee, the Politburo and its Standing Committee.

List of chairmen change

  1. Mao Zedong (19 June 1945 – 9 September 1976)
  2. Hua Guofeng (7 October 1976 – 28 June 1981)
  3. Hu Yaobang (29 June 1981 – 11 September 1982)

List of vice chairmen change