Charles XIII

King of Sweden (1809-1818) and King of Norway (1814-1818)
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Charles XIII & II also Carl, Swedish: Karl XIII (born 7 October 1748 in Stockholm, Sweden, dead 5 February 1818) was a Swedish monarch. He was the King of Sweden (as Charles XIII) from 1809 and King of Norway (as Charles II) from 1814 until his 1818 death.[1] He was the second son of King Adolf Frederick of Sweden and Louisa Ulrika of Prussia, sister of Frederick II of Prussia.[2]

Charles XIII & II
Charles XIII of Sweden wearing the Order of Charles XIII in red
King of Sweden
Reign6 June 1809 – 5 February 1818
PredecessorGustav IV Adolf
SuccessorCharles XIV John
King of Norway
Reign4 November 1814 – 5 February 1818
PredecessorChristian Frederick
SuccessorCharles III John
Born(1748-10-07)7 October 1748
Died5 February 1818(1818-02-05) (aged 69)
SpouseHedwig Elizabeth Charlotte of Holstein-Gottorp
IssueCarl Löwenhielm (extramarital)
HouseHouse of Holstein-Gottorp i.e. House of Oldenburg
FatherAdolf Frederick
MotherLouisa Ulrika of Prussia

While known as King Charles XIII in Sweden, he was actually the seventh Swedish king by that name, as Charles IX (reigned 1604–1611) had adopted his numeral after studying a fictitious history of Sweden.[3]


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Charles XIII/II
Cadet branch of the House of Oldenburg
Born: 7 October 1748 Died: 5 February 1818
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Gustav IV Adolf
King of Sweden
Succeeded by
Charles XIV/III John
Preceded by
Christian Frederick
King of Norway