The Co-operative Food

Brand of The Co-operative Group's food retailing arm. Some independent businesses operate under the Co-op Food brand through a franchise agreement. Not all co-operative food stores in the UK use this brand.
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The Co-operative Food, sometimes simply known as the Co-op, is a brand used by the supermarket divisions of several consumer co-operatives in the United Kingdom, with The Co-operative Group being the largest most well known user. Co-operatives are businesses which are ultimately owned by their customer-members and staff-members with each member having an equal say in the business is run. Members elect the board and may vote on the strategic decisions of the business but are not usually involved in its day-to-day operations. Members also receive a percent of the company's earnings each year as a 'Dividend'.

A co-operative supermarket
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The Co-operative Group purchased Somerfield in early 2009 and encorporated it into The Co-operative Food branding.[1]


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