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Collaboration is when people work with each other to complete a task.[1][2] It involves co-operation and teamwork and the sharing of ideas, knowledge and skills to reach the same objective.[3] The objective is usually creative in nature.[4] Most collaboration needs leadership or some kind of co-ordination, although responsibilities can be shared within an egalitarian group.[5]

Collaborating to write Wikipedia

Each person plays a tightly or loosely defined role in the process of collaboration. For instance, to make a movie a writer, director, producer and actors are needed. There may also be a need for a costumer, a cameraman (if the director cannot do it all), an audio engineer, and a film editor if the project is big enough and the schedule tight enough.

Not only individuals collaborate; groups also do it. Large construction projects are usually done by collaborations between corporations, wars are often fought between alliances of countries, and political parties often collaborate in government.



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