County Down

county of Northern Ireland

County Down, (Contae an Dúin in Irish - meaning the Fort) is one of six counties that form Northern Ireland, and one of the nine counties of the ancient province of Ulster

County Down
Irish: Contae an Dúin
Coontie Doon / Countie Doun
Coat of arms of County Down
Absque Labore Nihil  (Latin)
"Nothing Without Labour"
Location of County Down
Coordinates: 54°12′28″N 5°53′29″W / 54.2079°N 5.8913°W / 54.2079; -5.8913
CountryUnited Kingdom
RegionNorthern Ireland
County seatDownpatrick
 • Total945 sq mi (2,448 km2)
 • Rank12th
 • Rank4th
Contae an Dúin is the Irish name, Countie Doun[1] and Coontie Doon[2] are Ulster Scots spellings.

The county forms an area of 2,448 km² (945 square miles). The estimated population in 1992 was 416,600, a more recent approximation puts it at about 516,000.[source?] The county town is Downpatrick, and the largest town is Bangor.

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