Cristian Gottfried Ehrenberg

Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg (19 April 1795 – 27 June 1876) was a German biologist. He researched on natural history, zoology, comparative anatomy, geology, and microscopy. He was one of the most famous scientists of his time. He was also an evangelist.[1]

Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg
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Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg
Born19 April 1795 (1795-04-19)
Died27 June 1876 (1876-06-28) (aged 81)
AwardsWollaston Medal (1839)
Leeuwenhoek Medal (1877)
Scientific career

Ehrenberg is particularly famous for his investigations of microscopic animals and plants got from earth, freshwater and seawater. They had been little studied before him, but he made use of the good microscopes which by then were available. He published nearly 400 scientific papers.


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