dialect of the Persian language spoken in Afghanistan
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Dari (Fārsī-ye Darī) is a dialect of the Persian language. It is the Persian language as spoken in Afghanistan. It is the second official language of Afghanistan,[5] and is widely used by the government and most media agencies. It is mainly spoken by the Tajiks and other minority groups. A small minority also exists in parts of Pakistan closest to these named regions.[6] It is sometimes called Farsi. People in Afghanistan and Iran who speak Persian can understand each other. The name Dari was given to the Persian language at a very early date.[7]

Native to Afghanistan
RegionCentral Asia, West Asia, South Asia
Native speakers
(Spoken by more than 27%, and understood by over 50% of Afghanistan population.[1] Also spoken and understood by around 2.5 million people in Pakistan and Iran with communities who speak Dari as their primary language.[2] cited 1992–2000)
to 8–9 million[3]
DialectsKaboli, Mazari, Herati, Badakhshi, Panjshiri, Laghmani, Sistani, Aimaqi, Hazaragi[4]
Persian alphabet
Official status
Official language in
Regulated byAcademy of Sciences of Afghanistan
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
prs – Dari, Afghan Persian
aiq – Aimaq
haz – Hazaragi
Linguasphere58-AAC-ce (Dari) + 58-AAC-cdo & cdp (Hazaragi) + 58-AAC-ck (Aimaq)
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Historically, Dari was the court language of the Sassanids.[8]



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