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Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria

meritorious service award

The Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria is a national honour awarded by the Republic of Austria. It is a visible honour. It is also called the Order of Merit of the Austrian Republic.

Order of Merit of the Austrian Republic
Grand Star and Sash of the Order
Awarded by  Austria
Type State decoration
with 15 Grades
Awarded for Meritorious service
to the Austrian nation
Description National Order of Merit
Established 2 April 1952
Next (higher) None
Next (lower) Austrian Decoration for Science and the Arts
AUT Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria - Bronze Medal BAR.png
Ribbon of the Order

The Order has 15 levels. It is Austria's highest honour.

Notable recipientsEdit

Below is a list with names of all Grand Star recipients and other notable recipients. It is in order of date.

Grand Star recipientsEdit

Royal HousesEdit


Other select recipientsEdit


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