The Dennis Trident 2 is a 2-axle low-floor double-decker bus chassis, It was built in 1999 by Dennis and then TransBus International and then Alexander Dennis.

Dennis Trident 2
Stagecoach London 18476 on Route 498, Romford Queen's Hospital (19057369188).jpg
Alexander Dennis
Body and chassis
Doors1 or 2
Floor typeLow floor
Power outputCummins C-series:
220hp, 245hp
Cummins ISCe::
225hp, 260hp
Cummins ISBe:
250hp (diesel), 185hp (hybrid)
Cummins ISLe:
TransmissionVoith DIWA
ZF Ecomat
ZF EcoLife (Enviro400 only)
Length2-axle Trident:
9.9m, 10.5m, 10.6m, 11.4m
10.1m, 10.2m, 10.5m, 10.8m, 10.9m, 11.4m
Height4.1m to 4.4m
PredecessorDennis Arrow

It was available with Alexander ALX400, Plaxton President and East Lancs Lolyne/Myllennium Lolyne bodywork.

In 2005, Alexander Dennis made a new version of Trident 2 chassis for its Enviro400 double-decker called the Enviro400 chassis, the name "Trident 2" continued to be used [1]

The new version of Trident 2 chassis was also available with Darwen/Optare Olympus bodywork, the first example was delivered to CT Plus of London in 2008.

In 2008, Alexander Dennis unveiled the hybrid-electric powered version of Trident 2 (the Enviro400H) using BAE Systems's HybriDrive series drive system with Cummins ISBe 4-cylinder engine fitted for power generation.[1] Also in the same year, Alexander Dennis unveiled the further developed version of Trident 2 for the "New Generation" Enviro400, with the engine being moved to the left side and the radiator being moved to the right side of the engine compartment.[1] It could be fitted with Cummins ISBe Euro V/EEV or MAN D0836LOH engine, coupled to Voith DIWA or ZF EcoLife gearbox. In 2009, Alexander Dennis developed the Hong Kong version of the Trident 2 (Enviro400). Based on the further developed version unveiled in 2008, it has a longer rear overhang and could be fitted with Cummins ISLe Euro V engine.



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