Die Feen

opera by Richard Wagner

Die Feen (The Fairies) is an opera in three acts by Richard Wagner. The German libretto was written by the composer. He was adapting a story by Carlo Gozzi called La donna serpente.

Die Feen
by Richard Wagner
Wagner, ca. 1840
GenreOpera in 3 acts
Native titleDie Feen
TranslationThe Fairies
LibrettistRichard Wagner
Based onLa donna serpente (Carlo Gozzi)

Die Feen was the first opera that Wagner finished. However, it was never performed during his lifetime. It has never become popular, although the overture is sometimes played. The music shows the influence of Carl Maria von Weber and other composers of the time. It also shows some musical ideas that Wagner was to develop later in his life in his famous operas. The fairy tale atmosphere in the story is also an idea that he uses in his later operas which deal with fantasy stories. The idea of being saved (redemption) is also an important idea that he used in later operas.