Die Toten Hosen

German punk rock band

Die Toten Hosen is a German punk band from Düsseldorf, Germany. They are one of the most popular punk bands from Germany. Their career started in 1982. Their first album was released in 1984 and named Opel-Gang.

Die Toten Hosen
Stephen Ritchie, Andreas von Holst, Andreas Meurer, Campino and Michael Breitkopf (2013)
Stephen Ritchie, Andreas von Holst, Andreas Meurer, Campino and Michael Breitkopf (2013)
Background information
Also known asDie Roten Rosen
OriginDüsseldorf, Germany
GenresPunk rock, Punk metal, Hardcore punk, Heavy metal, Alternative rock, Hard rock
Years active1982–present
LabelsJKP, Charisma (US)
MembersCampino (Andreas Frege)
Andi (Andreas Meurer)
Breiti (Michael Breitkopf)
Kuddel (Andreas von Holst)
Vom (Stephen George Ritchie)
Past member(s)Walter November (Walter Hartung; 1982-1983)
Trini Trimpop (Klaus-Dieter Trimpop; 1982-1985)
Jakob Keusen (1985-1986)
Wölli (Wolfgang Rohde; 1986-1999)

Most of their songs are in German. Some are in English and in a few other languages such as Spanish. They have many fans in German-speaking countries but also they have many fans in South America and other parts of Europe.


The band consists of the following members:

  • Voice - Campino (Andreas Frege)
  • Guitar - Kuddel (Andreas von Holst)
  • Guitar - Breiti (Michael Breitkopf)
  • Bassguitar - Andi (Andreas Meurer)
  • Drums - Vom (Stephen George Ritchie)


  • 1983: Opel Gang
  • 1984: Unter falscher Flagge (With wrong flag)
  • 1985: The Battle Of The Bands EP
  • 1986: Damenwahl (Ladies's choice)
  • 1987: Never Mind The Hosen-Here's Die Roten Rosen (aus Düsseldorf) (... (from Düsseldorf))
  • 1987: Bis zum Bitteren Ende (LIVE) (Up to the bitter End)
  • 1988: Ein kleines bisschen Horrorschau (A little bit of Horrorshow)
  • 1990: Auf dem Kreuzzug ins Glück (On the Crusade to luck)
  • 1991: Learning English
  • 1993: Kauf MICH! (Buy ME!)
  • 1993: Reich & Sexy (Best of) (Rich & sexy)
  • 1994: Love Peace and Money
  • 1996: Opium fürs Volk (Opium for the people)
  • 1996: Im Aufrag des Herrn (LIVE) (In the Name of the Lord)
  • 1998: Wir warten aufs Christkind (Waiting for Christmas)
  • 1999: Unsterblich (Immortal)
  • 1999: Crash Landing
  • 2002: Auswärtsspiel (Guest Match)
  • 2002: Reich & Sexy II-Die fetten Jahre(Rich & sexy II-The big years)
  • 2004: Zurück zum Glück (Back to Luck)
  • 2005: Nur zu Besuch: Unplugged im Wiener Burgtheater (Only for a visit: Unplugged in the Viennese castle theatre)
  • 2008: In aller Stille (In complete silence)


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