Division of Wilmot

Australian federal electoral division (1903–1984), later Lyons

The Division of Wilmot was an Australian Electoral Division in the state of Tasmania. It was located in central Tasmania. At various times it included the towns of Deloraine, Beaconsfield, Devonport, Latrobe and New Norfolk.

Australian House of Representatives Division
NamesakeJohn Eardley-Wilmot

The Division was named after Sir John Eardley-Wilmot, the sixth Lieutenant-Governor of Tasmania. It was set up for the 1903 election. The division was abolished in 1984, and new boundaries were created. Much of the area is now included in the Division of Lyons.


Member Party Term
  Sir Edward Braddon Free Trade 1903–1904
  Norman Cameron Free Trade 1904–1906
  Independent 1906–1906
  Llewellyn Atkinson Anti-Socialist 1906–1909
  Commonwealth Liberal 1909–1917
  Nationalist 1917–1921
  Country 1921–1928
  Nationalist 1928–1929
  Joseph Lyons Labor 1929–1931
  United Australia 1931–1939
  Lancelot Spurr Labor 1939–1940
  Allan Guy United Australia 1940–1946
  Gil Duthie Labor 1946–1975
  Max Burr Liberal 1975–1984

The most famous member was Joseph Lyons, a Premier of Tasmania, who later became the 10th Prime Minister of Australia. Lyons died while still in office, and a by-election was held for the Division in 1939.

Preceded by
Division represented by the Prime Minister
Joseph Lyons
Succeeded by

42°46′S 147°03′E / 42.767°S 147.050°E / -42.767; 147.050