city in Ukraine

Donetsk is an important city in the eastern part of Ukraine, in the center of Donbas. It is the administrative center of Donetsk Oblast. Before the War in Donbas, which started 2014, about 1.1 million people lived in the city and its surroundings.

Coat of arms

Donetsk is important for the industry in Ukraine. Before the war, it was the fifth-biggest city of the country. From 1924 to 1961, the city was called Stalino, before 1924 its name was Jusowka, named after its founder, John Hughes. Hughes founded a metallurgic factory in 1869. The factory soon developed into the city of modern-day Donetsk. Most people in Donetsk use Russian in everyday life. According to a census, about 48 percent were Ukrainians, and about 46 percent Russians.